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Null's Sales and Service, LLC is a proud distributor for Industries NRC, the manufacturer of the Sliding Rotator, Slider, Quick Swap, and recovery rated Carriers.  If you are looking for the most versatile wrecker/tow truck or rollback available to the towing and recovery industry, we have what you're looking for.  Null’s Sales and Service specializes in truck builds of all specifications. This starts with our experienced staff going through the options with you and advising you on the best build to suit your unique needs. If you don’t know what you want, you can come out to our large facility to test drive our top of the line NRC equipment. Once your build has been finalized, we stay with you through the duration of the build to accessorize from NRC, B/A Products, In The Ditch and Lube-a-Boom. On completion, we deliver your truck to you and our NRC certified instructor will go over the whole truck with you. Any training scenario you want can be simulated. By the end you will be ready with the best knowledge and equipment to complete any job the worst day can throw at you. 


Null's Sales provides the best in customer care and support to fulfill the largest builds. 

We are dealers for only the highest quality equipment and trucks. 

Step-by-step support and communication.

Door to door delivery of your truck coupled with hands on training and tour of your new truck.


Support and Service through every step of the process. 



Dain Null fell in love with NRC equipment when he built Null’s Towing’s first hydraulic tow truck. “Bertha”, a 1983 R Model Mack had a 35 ton fixed boom unit mounted in 1990. The truck did everything that Dain asked it to. No matter what the challenge, the NRC unit came thru. Dain liked the fact that the unit was strong and that the design was such that he could do any troubleshooting if there was an issue. Latta and Jared, Dain’s sons, grew up in the towing business, operating NRCs from the time they were tall enough to reach the levers. It became Dain’s dream to be a dealer for NRC.

Fast forward to 2009 and a dozen NRC units later, Dain’s dream was realized and Null’s became a distributor for Industries NRC. Null’s Sales and Service LLC was spun off of Null’s Towing, but the 2 companies work hand in hand. Here at Null’s, we use the equipment, so we can truly speak about the over-engineered reliability of the NRC line. With years of sales and towing experience, our Sales Team can deliver anything you ask for. Sharing our office with Null's Towing allows us to have first hand knowledge of the capabilities of NRC equipment. 

We don’t just put the right unit together for your towing needs, we also service anything that we sell. We can light up your world with Wil-Burt lighting, accessorize to the max with B/A Products as well as In the Ditch boxes, TowMate light bars, and keep things moving with Lube-A-Boom.

Together with you, Null’s Sales and Service will help you build the truck of your dreams.